Our Holiday in France – We Love Normandy!

Well, I have to admit I thought it would never happen, certainly not this year anyway, but we did it… we finally went on holiday!!

I am fortunate enough to have wonderful in-laws who let us stay, free of charge, at their lovely holiday home just outside Sourdeval, Normandy. I’m gonna do my bit of free advertisement here and say the place is lovely (just click here to see for yourselves!).

We try to make our trips to France an annual thing. Before Little Man came along we didn’t really do much when we went there, mainly just collapsed by the pool and read a good book. Now whilst this kept hubby entertained I have to admit I was getting itchy feet and really wanted get to know this lovely little area of France.

Boy did we do that this holiday! I may well go into more detail in other posts but in brief. Firstly we had a delightful trip to Zoo de Jurques, at 45 minutes away our nearest zoo. It was a lovely zoo and at 15 euro each I didn’t think it was bad at all, especially as you can see the whole thing in about 3 hours, there is also a play area and bouncy castle for children (I say children, my hubby, friends and I had lots of fun on it too!).


In the middle of our holiday, and on the advice of a local, we visited the beautiful town of Bayeux. Whilst there we made the most of our trip and saw the beautiful Bayeux Tapestry. Made in the 1070’s, it depicts historic scenes from the Norman conquest of England. leading to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We then whizzed along to Chocolaterie Drakkar to see their chocolate shop and museum. I am a huge fan of chocolate so we very intrigued to find out more!! Our last trip was to Caen, for a look round the shops and a rather cloudy trip to the beach.


Anyway, long story short, we had a wonderful time that was over much too fast for my liking….. I’m already thinking of next year!!!



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