The Incredible Years – An Incredible Course


As Little Man is approaching his second year I am noticing more tantrums and ‘undesirable’ behaviour (biting, scratching and throwing his food and toys being a couple that spring to mind). On the whole he is a lovely kid but I am very keen to nip any negative behaviour in the bud.

When I was informed at my local Sure Start Centre about a popular course called The Incredible Years I jumped at the chance. I qualified as a Nursery Nurse 12 years ago but haven’t been actively working in this field for 8 years so feel very out of practice. I also find that everything is very different with my own little one (guess it always is).

The course is aimed at parents, teachers and carers who may be experiencing challenging behaviour from a child. It gives the individual the tools they need to deal with this behaviour in a calm and informed manner. I also like the fact that the child is acknowledged as their own person who has their own personal space and should be kept informed of the things that go on around them.

The course takes place once a week for two hours over 12 weeks. There is a free creche available for children, great in itself as I feel this gives Little Man a chance to socialise with me ‘hovering’.

I will be posting updates of my experience with this course and what I have learnt. Hopefully any one reading this will find it useful. After all, I am a strong believer in us Mums all being in it together and that if there is any way that we can help each other then it makes god sense to share!


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