The Incredible Years – Week Two


This is a follow on from my last post

Having missed my first session due to my hols I was dropped straight in to my second week. I don’t feel I missed too much as there was a catch up at the beginning, however I have to admit, due to everyone having already met each other, I did feel like the new kid at school!

The first part of the session kicked off with an update of last weeks session. The ‘homework’ (yes there is homework!) from last week focused on child led play. When I tell you that the first weeks session explained to everyone the importance of playing with their children, each child, for 10 minutes a day you will probably look at me like you think I’m mad! Yes I know 10 minutes sounds like such a small amount of time but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. This time focuses on the child playing with the adult, no distractions, no mobile phones (I’m guilty of that one) and most importantly no interference from the adult. In the second week this play is extended to focus on descriptive play. It is still important for the adult not to interfere but the key here is to introduce a narrative into what the child is doing. An example of this would be ‘Oh! That’s a lovely big red bus you have there. It has four wheels, one, two, three, four’.

The thing I like about these sessions is that they are totally non judgmental and as a result you feel you can talk freely. Due to this confidential air I will not be mentioning any of the other parents and purely concentrating on my own experience. Because of my previous Nursery Nurse training I find that I already talk about colours etc but this session was definitely a push for me to extend on this.


It’s going to sound awful but it’s only when it came to the homework that I realised how little I play with Little Man. Since becoming a stay at home mum it has taking me a while to find myself and settle into my new role. As such, I’m way too focused on keeping everything all lovely and tidy but am not terribly efficient about this, constantly getting distracted and jumping from one job to another and not really getting anything done. My homework has made me realise that I need to prioritise and get some sort of rota going.

For our play we mainly focused on puzzles as this seemed like a pretty straight forward thing to do. I didn’t think Little Man liked puzzles as he always threw them across the room so had put them away and pretty much forgotten about them. It is only when I started my homework I realised how wrong I was. Little Man managed to put a few puzzle pieces in by himself but then gave a piece to me. I was about to tell him to do it himself until I remembered this was child led play. It was only when I put the piece in I realised he wasn’t feeling confident about the puzzle and by asking me to put the piece in was giving him the opportunity to see how it was done. Once he saw me doing this a couple of times he tried for himself and now he is completely blooming obsessed with puzzles! Every day he wants to do puzzles now, he has gone from only doing the very basic puzzles, and sometimes not even them, to being able to do increasingly harder one. I have kept up the descriptive narriative in these sessions, which was hard at first as I felt a bit silly, I am finding it easier each time. Little Man still isn’t speaking much but I am finding my narrative is helping, he is pointing at more things and asking more questions. All I can say is that I am really excited about what’s in store for next week!


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