Big Sexy Hair – Root Pump Volumiser – A Review

I have flat hair. Really flat hair. It has always been the bane of my life but had kind of learnt to live with it, after all nothing seemed to make any difference! I entered an on line competition and was fortunate enough to win this product to review. What can I say!! Big Sexy Hair is awesome! I’m a bit of a packaging junkie and this gorgeous little bottle ticks all the right boxes for me (bright, funky, different, etc).


The product is a cross between a spray and a mousse. It is very fine and this makes for more precise placement on the head. The best way to use this is to divide hair horizontally and spray along the hair line. I did this through the midsection of my hair and near to the top. I then rubbed it in and then dried hair upside down. OK so I’m never gonna be the owner of Cheryl Cole style bouffant hair (and even she only achieves this with the result of extensions) but I have to say I am pretty impressed with the results. It has given my hair ‘lift’ and makes me feel like I have a lot more of it.

I have just come back from meeting my friend from coffee and the first thing that that came out of her mouth was a compliment on my hair. This was to the point where she got her phone out to make a note of the name!

I own very few hair products as frankly I am lazy and can’t be bothered to faff about with my hair after it has been washed, In previously owned some heat protection spray and some hair spray that never gets used and that was it. For those with very fine, flat hair Big Sexy Hair is a must! The only things to note, for me personally anyway, was that my hair didn’t feel as ‘nice’ when the spray was in. By this I mean I couldn’t run my fingers through it quite so easily. Another point would be that if you are to use this product regularly I would recommend an ‘off’ day just to avoid product build up. These are very small niggles though and for me the positives far outweigh this. I’m even finding I don’t need to wash my hair as often when using this (3 days instead of 2), I have no idea why this is!

Big Sexy Hair is currently on Amazon for £11.89. OK so it isn’t cheap and those on a strict budget may baulk at the price but with my lack of hair I feel this is something that will last me a significant amount of time (months minimum). As such I, personally, feel this is worthwhile.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.


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