Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste – A Review

I am still on my mission to find the perfect toothpaste for me. Due to having Little Man I have had various problems with my teeth and gums so, as a result I am incredibly fussy with my dental equipment and hygiene! I was given the chance to review Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste. The blurb advises that your teeth will be up to four shades whiter in three weeks, I was curious to give it a go and see the results!

Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste

Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste comes with a colour gauge for teeth on the side of the box. I have to admit I didn’t really find this matched up to the actual colour for my teeth and as a result had to ‘guesstimate’ what colour I thought my teeth were, which was a bit annoying. On using the toothpaste I found that a little went a long way, which made me feel it was pretty good value for money. It was also pleasant to use and had a nice flavour.

There is one thing I would warn people of when using this product though. I found the toothpaste to be thinner in consistency than regular toothpaste and as a result it seemed to seep into more nooks and crannies of my electric toothbrush. I obviously always clean my toothbrush after every use and I have never had a problem previously. However, near to the end of the three week period I noticed a bit of a smell, at the time I was at a friends house and thought they had some mould somewhere. It was only when I noticed the smell back at home I inspected my toothbrush more closely to find there was some green gunk in the little hole below my toothbrush head. UUUUUUUURGH (cue eyes wide open in surprise and lots of screaching!)!! After my initial micro meltdown I got an old manual toothbrush (a useful thing to have!) and gave all the little hidy holes a good old clean and then wash, which left it good as new again. Whilst this was pretty gross I believe as long as one is aware of this potential factor and gives their brush an extra clean they should be fine!

Right, and now for the results! At the end of Pearl Drops recommend three weeks I checked my teeth against the gauge and….. nothing. Nope, I couldn’t see a difference. Bums. Would I use this toothpaste again? Probably not. I’d be happy enough to use the rest of the bottle as the flouride levels are good (1,300 ppm F) and it still does the job of being a toothpaste (always useful!) but for me that is where the good job ends! I do drink herbal teas (usually two a day) and do drink the odd coffee (maybe one a day) so maybe this could explain why it didn’t work for me?

I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from using this product, as whilst it didn’t work for me it may work for them. However, I would advise them to not get their hopes up! Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste is available from Boots and all major supermarkets and chemists for a RRP of £4.99 for 50ml.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.


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