The Incredible Years – An Overview


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What can I say, it’s been amazing. I’ve made some lovely friends and learnt some essential life skills.

This thing that annoys me is that this course, in my opinion, has been mis-advertised. The articles I have seen seem to focus on ‘problem children’ or ‘problem behaviour’, I believe this could isolate people from attending this group, for fear of stigma. Little Man is a happy healthy little boy who, like any child, gets frustrated when he is not understood or when he can’t understand why he can’t get what he wants. His language skills are also a little bit immature, which hasn’t helped matters. Incredible Years has been amazing in the respect that they have taught me effective ways of encouraging his language and communication. It still has some way to go but it has given me such patience and peace of mind  to now have these tools at my disposal.

I have also noticed that his tantrums and indeed my attitude towards them, have also changed. Before, when he was having a tantrum, I would panic, worry about every else and what they were thinking and just generally flap! Now I’m much more able to take a deep breath and assess the situation. OK so if I’m somewhere like a restaurant I still have a little freakout but I feel much more confident and better equipped.

If you living in the UK and are interested in this course, please do ask at your local Sure Start Centre.

Apologies. This was meant to be posted in December. Unfortunately my PC decided to go bust…. and ooooh yes it’s taken this long to get fixed!


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