The Incredible Years – Week Eleven


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I cannot believe this is our last week! To be perfectly honest I am feeling pretty emotional about the whole thing so will try not to dwell too much!

This week we discussed the importance of teaching our children how to ‘self soothe’. It is important for children to learn how to regulate their own emotions. This, in time, will increase confidence and emotional maturity and put them in good stead for social situations such as school and playgroup.

We were all given a little picture of a strawberry with a candle on the reverse. The idea of this is to help children with their breathing by encouraging them to smell the strawberry and then to blow out the candle. Breathing is very important when it comes to stress management as one tends to hold ones breath when stressed or breath shallowly. By taking deep breaths and exhaling quickly one is oxygenating the brain, calming down and the breathing itself can act as a distraction. This exercise is just a beneficial for adults as it is for children.

It is very important that we, as adults, demonstrate good stress management. If we are constantly losing control then it is more likely that the child will follow this behaviour. I guess you can say this was a good session for everyone!


Were were asked to identify a ‘calm down’ area and equip it. This was a lot easier said than done as we are fighting for space in our place! Before this session I admit that I would probably plonk Little Man on the sofa and put the TV on. This works as it provides a distraction and gives him some ‘time out’ but it was pointed out that TV in itself is stimulating so probably not the best method. Thinking about it, the sofa does work so I decided of a good way of making this an efficient ‘calm down’ area but also keeping it tidy when necessary. Hubby and I are so entrenched in our habits that the homework for this week was very challenging, but we’re getting there!


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