Love Soap Handmade – A Review

I was sent a sample of Blush Body Soap from Love Soap Handmade, a company that specialises in luxury handmade soap.

Love Soap Handmade Gift WrapLove Soap Handmade products

I’m not going to start this review very well when I admit that, generally speaking, I’m not a fan of soap. I am very firmly in the liquid hand soap camp as feel it’s more convenient and hygienic. I believe this comes from having to put up with, for many years, my mum bombarding me with horrible cheap bar soap. This coupled with the fact that it took me a few years to find out that the hand soap at my parents place growing up was used by my dad at bath time (shudder) has affected me deeply.

However, my feelings are very different for what I would call ‘posh soap’. I love Lush and stores of that ilk, the fact that the bar products are roughly cut because they have been specially selected for you then and there I find wonderfully personal and makes me feel very spoilt. I could, in fact, spend hours floating about these sorts of stores sniffing all their various samples. Sad I know, but that is just who I am.

The Blush Body Soap from Love Soap Handmade is no different. It came to me lovingly wrapped in a white ribbon adorned box, which I found intensely exciting. The soap is roughly cut and individually wrapped. This particular bar is made with coconut, olive and castor oil, shea butter and kaolin clay. This all sounds very exciting and I couldn’t wait to test it out. On use I found the soap to have quite a masculine, woody, sensual type smell. I normally go for quite girlie smells so this made an interesting change. The soap doesn’t seem to lather much but I would guess this was due to the natural ingrediants. My skin in very sensitive at the moment and I was very impressed that my skin didn’t feel tight or dry. I was even brave and used this the Blush Body Soap on my face and it still felt fine.

When it comes to price, Love Soap Handmade don’t came cheap. A bar sells for £4.99 for 140g (which is fairly comparable with shops like Lush), and that doesn’t include postage and gift boxing, which is listed clearly on the website. However as a special treat or a gift it would be well worth considering as the product is so lovely. The company also sell sample sizes of the product for £1.25. I was sent a Cashmere Cream sample, you can see the size of this in relation to the normal size bar. This is a little too tempting for my liking as there are so many beautiful products in their range.


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