It’s Been a While……..

Well I can safely say that it has been a very long time since this Knackered Mum has blogged on this site! The reason you may ask? Well shoddy internet has had a lot to do with it but I have also produced another one of these……

Baby O newborn

Baby O was born September 2014 (yes I know that was ages ago!) at a grand old weight of 9lb 12oz. He was massive and even more massive was his big old head that didn’t even fit into 0-3 month hats. All I can say is that my decision for another C Section after an emergency section with Little Man may have been my best decision ever! He is beautiful just like his big brother and a very contented (most of the time!) happy little baby.

J and O March 2015

Life with two has definitely been different and for sure the first six weeks were stressful to the max but after that time we have settled into a lovely little routine. Little Man has taken some adjustment to O and spent the first few months trying to give his brother back and getting pretty annoyed when he found this was not possible! It’s taken time but he is growing to love his brother, making him giggle and checking to see if he is OK. It’s wonderful to watch this relationship grow and O is completely in awe of big brother… though I do understand this may not always work to my advantage 😉


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