Love Soap Handmade – A Review

I was sent a sample of Blush Body Soap from Love Soap Handmade, a company that specialises in luxury handmade soap.

Love Soap Handmade Gift WrapLove Soap Handmade products

I’m not going to start this review very well when I admit that, generally speaking, I’m not a fan of soap. I am very firmly in the liquid hand soap camp as feel it’s more convenient and hygienic. I believe this comes from having to put up with, for many years, my mum bombarding me with horrible cheap bar soap. This coupled with the fact that it took me a few years to find out that the hand soap at my parents place growing up was used by my dad at bath time (shudder) has affected me deeply.

However, my feelings are very different for what I would call ‘posh soap’. I love Lush and stores of that ilk, the fact that the bar products are roughly cut because they have been specially selected for you then and there I find wonderfully personal and makes me feel very spoilt. I could, in fact, spend hours floating about these sorts of stores sniffing all their various samples. Sad I know, but that is just who I am.

The Blush Body Soap from Love Soap Handmade is no different. It came to me lovingly wrapped in a white ribbon adorned box, which I found intensely exciting. The soap is roughly cut and individually wrapped. This particular bar is made with coconut, olive and castor oil, shea butter and kaolin clay. This all sounds very exciting and I couldn’t wait to test it out. On use I found the soap to have quite a masculine, woody, sensual type smell. I normally go for quite girlie smells so this made an interesting change. The soap doesn’t seem to lather much but I would guess this was due to the natural ingrediants. My skin in very sensitive at the moment and I was very impressed that my skin didn’t feel tight or dry. I was even brave and used this the Blush Body Soap on my face and it still felt fine.

When it comes to price, Love Soap Handmade don’t came cheap. A bar sells for £4.99 for 140g (which is fairly comparable with shops like Lush), and that doesn’t include postage and gift boxing, which is listed clearly on the website. However as a special treat or a gift it would be well worth considering as the product is so lovely. The company also sell sample sizes of the product for £1.25. I was sent a Cashmere Cream sample, you can see the size of this in relation to the normal size bar. This is a little too tempting for my liking as there are so many beautiful products in their range.


111 Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask – A Review

It’s not often I get the chance to review or even use something ‘posh’. As a stay at home Mum I am on a fairly strict budget and I’m constantly looking for ways to save money. This, I’m sure you can imagine, can get incredibly boring. What I really crave at times is a bit of luxury and indulgence, just to keep me on the budget wagon. Well my moment came when I was pleasantly surprised to find out I’d been chosen to review the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask by luxury skincare brand 111 Skin.


The skincare range was developed by Dr Alexandrides, an American plastic surgeon. His aim was to have a skin range that would help sensitive skin heal faster after surgical procedures. After years of research, he came up with a solution hinging on a secret formula developed alongside Russian space scientists. He now boasts a skincare range that promotes a youthful, radiant appearance, and protects against environmental damage.

The first thing I noted was that the packet for the 111 Skin mask is HUGE (approx 6X7″), it would definitely make a statement in your bathroom! I found it tough to open with wet hands, so would recommend keeping some scissors handy or opening before you get into the bath. The mask itself is sandwiched between a thin cardboard base and gauze top. Once these are peeled away the mask has the consistency of a slimy surgical glove!! I found it a little fiddly to pull apart and place on my face but once on this mask felt fab. The ‘goo’ on the mask had a serum like quality, which felt really cooling and refreshing. During the recommended 20 minutes the mask felt significantly less slimy, particularly round my top lip for some reason (?!).

I am a big face mask fan, aiming to use one at least once a week as part of my ‘me time’. I normally use masks in the bath as they always need a lot of washing off, but with this mask there was very little fuss. When finished, you literally peel off the mask, maybe rub in any extra product and leave the rest to sink in, that’s it!! I accidentally forgot to put my moisturiser on after my bath, I usually realise this straight away as my skin gets really tight and uncomfortable. However, with 111 Skin my skin still felt gorgeous so in the end I didn’t bother!

111 Skin

My hubby thought I looked hilarious in my mask, so insisted I take a picture! I guess the only negative thing I’d say is that these types of masks can be a bit claustrophobic. If you’re not a fan of small spaces you may want to give it a miss, but if you’re not and you feel like a treat I’d definitely recommend. Would I personally use this masks again? Probably not as it’s way out of budget and I can pick up a several use tube for a fiver. However, if you have a special event or simply feel like spoiling yourself or a loved one I would say it’s definitely worth a go.

111 Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask can be found at the higher end stores like Harrods for £20 for one mask or £75 for 5.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.

Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste – A Review

I am still on my mission to find the perfect toothpaste for me. Due to having Little Man I have had various problems with my teeth and gums so, as a result I am incredibly fussy with my dental equipment and hygiene! I was given the chance to review Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste. The blurb advises that your teeth will be up to four shades whiter in three weeks, I was curious to give it a go and see the results!

Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste

Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste comes with a colour gauge for teeth on the side of the box. I have to admit I didn’t really find this matched up to the actual colour for my teeth and as a result had to ‘guesstimate’ what colour I thought my teeth were, which was a bit annoying. On using the toothpaste I found that a little went a long way, which made me feel it was pretty good value for money. It was also pleasant to use and had a nice flavour.

There is one thing I would warn people of when using this product though. I found the toothpaste to be thinner in consistency than regular toothpaste and as a result it seemed to seep into more nooks and crannies of my electric toothbrush. I obviously always clean my toothbrush after every use and I have never had a problem previously. However, near to the end of the three week period I noticed a bit of a smell, at the time I was at a friends house and thought they had some mould somewhere. It was only when I noticed the smell back at home I inspected my toothbrush more closely to find there was some green gunk in the little hole below my toothbrush head. UUUUUUUURGH (cue eyes wide open in surprise and lots of screaching!)!! After my initial micro meltdown I got an old manual toothbrush (a useful thing to have!) and gave all the little hidy holes a good old clean and then wash, which left it good as new again. Whilst this was pretty gross I believe as long as one is aware of this potential factor and gives their brush an extra clean they should be fine!

Right, and now for the results! At the end of Pearl Drops recommend three weeks I checked my teeth against the gauge and….. nothing. Nope, I couldn’t see a difference. Bums. Would I use this toothpaste again? Probably not. I’d be happy enough to use the rest of the bottle as the flouride levels are good (1,300 ppm F) and it still does the job of being a toothpaste (always useful!) but for me that is where the good job ends! I do drink herbal teas (usually two a day) and do drink the odd coffee (maybe one a day) so maybe this could explain why it didn’t work for me?

I wouldn’t dissuade anyone from using this product, as whilst it didn’t work for me it may work for them. However, I would advise them to not get their hopes up! Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste is available from Boots and all major supermarkets and chemists for a RRP of £4.99 for 50ml.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.

Big Sexy Hair – Root Pump Volumiser – A Review

I have flat hair. Really flat hair. It has always been the bane of my life but had kind of learnt to live with it, after all nothing seemed to make any difference! I entered an on line competition and was fortunate enough to win this product to review. What can I say!! Big Sexy Hair is awesome! I’m a bit of a packaging junkie and this gorgeous little bottle ticks all the right boxes for me (bright, funky, different, etc).


The product is a cross between a spray and a mousse. It is very fine and this makes for more precise placement on the head. The best way to use this is to divide hair horizontally and spray along the hair line. I did this through the midsection of my hair and near to the top. I then rubbed it in and then dried hair upside down. OK so I’m never gonna be the owner of Cheryl Cole style bouffant hair (and even she only achieves this with the result of extensions) but I have to say I am pretty impressed with the results. It has given my hair ‘lift’ and makes me feel like I have a lot more of it.

I have just come back from meeting my friend from coffee and the first thing that that came out of her mouth was a compliment on my hair. This was to the point where she got her phone out to make a note of the name!

I own very few hair products as frankly I am lazy and can’t be bothered to faff about with my hair after it has been washed, In previously owned some heat protection spray and some hair spray that never gets used and that was it. For those with very fine, flat hair Big Sexy Hair is a must! The only things to note, for me personally anyway, was that my hair didn’t feel as ‘nice’ when the spray was in. By this I mean I couldn’t run my fingers through it quite so easily. Another point would be that if you are to use this product regularly I would recommend an ‘off’ day just to avoid product build up. These are very small niggles though and for me the positives far outweigh this. I’m even finding I don’t need to wash my hair as often when using this (3 days instead of 2), I have no idea why this is!

Big Sexy Hair is currently on Amazon for £11.89. OK so it isn’t cheap and those on a strict budget may baulk at the price but with my lack of hair I feel this is something that will last me a significant amount of time (months minimum). As such I, personally, feel this is worthwhile.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.

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